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This document is a summary of the Accessible Canada Act using plain language. The Parliament of Canada approved the Act in 2019. It is now the law.

The word "accessibility" can mean many things. It can mean that everyone can get the information they need and use it. It means everybody can get to spaces and places and use them. People with disabilities often face barriers when trying to get to or use things other people have no problems accessing.

The Act will help all people in Canada because getting to places will not be so hard. Finding and understanding information will get easier. The Act will make the country free of barriers by 2040.

The federal government will find and stop barriers in these areas:

  • Employment
  • Buildings and public places and spaces
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Communication (This includes some sign languages. This does not include broadcasting and telecommunications.)
  • Buying goods, services and facilities
  • Design and delivery of programs and services
  • Transportation

The government may add other areas to work on in the future.

Resources on the Accessible Canada Act